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Posted on 05 December, 2017 in News

Medicinal Cannabis Networking Event

Medicinal Cannabis Networking Event

November 2017 saw the HPANT Networking regarding Medicinal Cannabis held in Darwin, with health professionals from multi-disciplines spread over the Territory in attendance.

Guest speakers included Dr Cathy Davy - the Health Reform Manager for Northern Territory Primary Health Network, Samuel Keitannpaa a dedicated Pharmacist and clinical service specialist and Dr Hugh Heggie (pictured), who is the Chief Health Officer for the Northern Territory Department of Health. Hugh entertained the attendees with an interactive and informative presentation regarding the regulations, framework and Australian trails for various cannabinoid products. 

Cathy informed our attendees about NT Health Pathways. NT Heath Pathways is a web based portal, that will provide clinicians with localised information that assists with the management of patients and the choice of appropriate referral pathway within the NT. It’s a way of ensuring the right patient attends the right service, at the right time, in the right place.

Sam provided a short information brief regarding changes to codeine products. January 2018 will see HPANT, Sam and other partners supply a more extensive event regarding the changes on February 1, 2018 which will see codeine products ‘upscheduled’, meaning people who use the products for health issues like back pain, migraines, period pain, dental pain or cold and flu will have to go to the doctor to get access to them.

Our events welcome an audience of industry professionals who have the opportunity to not only hear from guest speakers, but also use the events as a networking platform to build strong business relationships within the Northern Territory health community.

2018 will see HPANT hosting various information sharing, networking and CPD events for our members, partners and guests across remote, rural and urban locations of the Northern Territory.


"The event was a pleasure to attend with a great mix of networking and speakers. Will certainly be attending another HPANT event, as this was not only a professionally run event, but the HPANT Board and Cilla also brought a personal feel to the night with their warm and welcoming approach to the guests."
“Thank you for putting on another interesting event, I am looking forward to the great work HPANT is going to be doing in the NT!”
"Once again a fantastically well organised and highly valuable event by HPANT, clearly a world class speaker and I greatly appreciate the effort you have gone to bring us this topic, thanks."
"One of the most valuable networking events I have attended in a long time – intimate, personal and truly connected."