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Posted on 05 February, 2020 in Industry , News

Wet Season Health Warning - Ross River Fever

Wet Season Health Warning - Ross River Fever

It is a viral disease caused by the Ross River virus and is characterised by painful or swollen joints lasting from days to months. Symptoms usually settle by themselves.

How it is spread

RRV infection cannot be spread from person to person. The virus is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.

The mosquitoes present in the Northern Territory (NT) that can spread the virus are Culex annulirostris (common banded mosquito), Aedes vigilax (salt marsh mosquito), Aedes normanensis (flood water mosquito) and Aedes notoscriptus (backyard mosquito).

Many people, particularly children, even if bitten by an infected mosquito, do not develop any symptoms of the disease.

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