Damulgurra – Culturally Responsive Trauma Informed Care (CRTIC) Workshop

  • 24 Nov 2021 - 25 Nov 2021
  • 2 day event
  • $700 per person
  • Alice Springs

The Culturally Responsive Trauma Informed Care training, or Damulgurra, the Larrakia word for “heart” is a training aimed at developing trauma informed care in services who work closely with Aboriginal and Torres strait islander people. We believe that true reconciliation is achieved in genuine and authentic relationships with Aboriginal people that promote existing resilience to be able to process complex trauma and move towards wellbeing in all areas of life.

This training is for organisations that acknowledge the widespread presence of inter generational trauma in Australian Aboriginal communities and the compounding holistic health issues since colonisation. Further, that ongoing stigma and racism adds to a cumulative load of trauma which prevents healing and recovery for many Aboriginal people and communities.

AMSANT values and respects the great resilience of Aboriginal people. Our training encourages participants to reflect upon the traditional ways of life, knowledge and belief systems that have supported Aboriginal people’s wellbeing for generations prior to colonisation, as well as contemporary wisdom and evidence around what continues to best support healing and wellbeing in Aboriginal communities today.

The training is centred around the 6 R’s of Trauma Informed Care:

  • Realise the widespread impact of trauma and understands potential paths for recovery.
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with
    the system.
  • Respond by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Reduce further re-traumatisation of patients, clients and staff;
  • Rebuild connection to community, family and kin, country, culture, body-mind and spirit- spirituality.
  • Regenerate Aboriginal healing frameworks.

How does it work?

The training takes a systems level approach in that we work at a personal, professional and organisational level in order to develop a culture and an environment that is safe and supportive for clients and staff who have carried the load of trauma from past and current lives.

These workshops will include elements of personal and professional development as well as potential action planning activities that can contribute to an organisational review process.

What outcomes can we expect?

The outcomes from the training include: an understanding of trauma informed care, knowledge of Aboriginal wellbeing and the impacts of complex trauma, systemic racism, and pathways for the organisation and staff to be accountable for their trauma informed care practice.

Get in touch:

If you have any queries regarding the workshop and learning outcomes, please contact the Damulgurra team on (08) 8944 6667 or Team_Damulgurra@amsant.org.au


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