What we do

Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and journeys though co-operation, collaboration and advocacy.

Our aim

Our aim

Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of all Territorians. The role of Health Providers Alliance NT is to connect all health disciplines, to specifically improve access to primary health care through better coordination, integration and collaboration. Capturing the patient early before their condition becomes chronic is our mission in improving the patient journey.

Part of that quest is connecting all health service providers – medical practitioners, nurses and allied health through existing networks and forming new ones so they can work as a team to achieve the goal of healthier Northern Territorians.

Connecting healthcare professionals

The HPANT’s role is to connect all healthcare professionals with each other and support them to care for their patients.

  • host and co-host regular networking events Territory wide
  • run and co-host educational events where members can earn continuing professional development points and refresh their skills and knowledge on a range of relevant topics
  • contribute to national healthcare projects on behalf of our membership to reduce duplication and make quality improvement recommendations
  • give our members opportunities to guide policy, funding and skill gaps through working groups
  • advocate for our members and the NT community if required on issues such as a lack of communication or a gap in services
  • keep our members up to date on current primary health news with regular information and newsletters
  • give healthcare organisations the opportunity to profile their services, developments and capability.


View our calendar of upcoming events for healthcare professionals in the Northern Territory.

Join the Health Providers Alliance

You can join the Health Providers Alliance NT as an individual or as an organisation.

Join the Health Providers Alliance

Individual Membership

Individual members must either work in a field that contributes to the primary healthcare system and patient journey or be a primary health care practitioner in the NT.

Organisation Membership

Organisation members must be actively involved, directly or indirectly, in contributing to the primary health care system and patient journey in the Northern Territory.